About Sandals over Snowshoes

Sandals over Snowshoes is born from my love of travel, languages and culture and getting to know the people who bring it all to life. The opportunity to meet new people and experience life through their eyes is a gift. Having traveled through most of the continents, I want to share the experiences that are special to me and help string together my ‘aha’ moments. I am blessed to have the opportunity to travel.  This is a gift that I do not take granted.  I always try to leave a little smarter and more informed, and ready to show off a country, city, restaurant or hotel at its best.  It’s the people who make the difference as I go about my travels as they leave me with forever memories. For that, I am thankful.

When I am not traveling, I am busy learning different languages, trying new foods, meeting new friends and spending time as an amateur chef and fiddle player.  The world is such a big place and there is so much to do.  Take time to enjoy your life!